Welcome to The Inspire Collective NZ

Inspiration for Wellington Business Owners and Entrepreneurs!

The Inspire Collective is a community for entrepreneurs and business owners to grow, connect, and expand their horizons.

To be inspired!

It’s about building a community, to encourage new ways of thinking, connection, innovation, practical tools and ideas for business improvement … and of course have fun along the way!

The Collective runs events every couple of months finding speakers and creating events designed for business owners and entrepreneurs.

The best way to understand is to list what Collective events will not be:


  • Talk fests – Our speakers have been very carefully chosen to inspire you with their awesomeness, and will have a max of 15 minutes each.
  • Networking events – Although we love it if attendees connect and do business with each other the real objective is to create a fun, relaxed, introvert-friendly environment
  • Sales pushes – No contrepreneurs allowed! The Inspire Collective is made up of people who want to create a fun, safe, collaborative space for businesses and entrepreneurs

Read what past attendees had to say:

  • Vera

    “Looooooved it so much! Very very interesting speakers. It’s good to hear success stories but I found (after attending this event) it even better to know about the struggles (professional, economical and personal) to get there.”

  • Mary

    “Thanks for organising the Inspired Collective.  I really enjoyed hearing some great business stories and of course meeting more great people.”

  • Rumi

    “What I valued the most about the forum was being able to be authentic … a safe place to take the masks out, share real challenges and feelings without having to worry about consequences.”

  • Jo

    Fab event 🙂 Congrats to Kat Soper, Steve Hockley and Anna McKinlay for putting on the event and thanks to Diane Grayson for hosting at the Urban Hub. I encourage anyone looking for a real, open and safe networking event, to head along to the next one!

The Inspire Collective is a non-profit initiative founded by:

Kat Soper

The Helpful Brand

Anna McKinlay

Anna McKinlay Coaching

Steve Hockley

Steve Hockley Coaching